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Posted by princessida on 2009.07.31 at 18:50
Hi, I'm new. But I hate Elizabeth Swann ever since the third movie (the second one I did not see evidence of her Sueishness or I dismiss it). You think I forgive her for killing James Norrington (and Jack to a degree, since he is also made of awesome)? Of course not.

Now I support her/Cutler Beckett or her/ Mr. Mercer (For some inconceivable reason, I always imagine them to be immune to her kiss-of-death).

There are other Canon Sues out there, but I will either brush them aside, ignore them (aka minor minor roles in the fic), or don't include them in my fanfiction. I will always hate Elizabeth Swann.

Random Icon I found...

Posted by little_elfie on 2008.06.30 at 18:19
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 ...serious kudos to whoever made it!

Drawing (Fall Girl)
Posted by morbidfantasy25 on 2008.06.30 at 12:35
Hey guys, I was bored so I made three Anti-Liz icons.

Hope you like them.

ks internet slash

More reccs! Bahahahaha!!!

Posted by spookyfbi on 2008.05.25 at 22:36

Searching youtube. Came across these.

Also, might as well pimp my own vid while I'm at it...
Wake Up Call
I dunno if it's anti-Elizabeth enough... It was more of a Jack/Will thing. Still, see what you think.

ks internet slash

Fic recs

Posted by spookyfbi on 2008.05.18 at 22:55

Has anyone read Words from the Heart by peladonww ? It's briliant! It believably takes Elizabeth down from her 'Pirate King' pedastal and shows just how silly the notion that a spoiled Governor's daughter could lead a bunch of lawless pirates really is. I'd provide a link, but due to the whole adult flag thing, and the fact that pirategasm is now adults only, they have a new rule where you're only allowed to have links in other adults only comms, and I can't find it anywhere else. But if you can, go to pirategasm and check it out.

If you can't get that, here's some good, old fashioned Elizabeth bashing I also found
The House that Jack Sparrow Built

Drawing (Fall Girl)

Keira Knightley

Posted by morbidfantasy25 on 2008.04.13 at 00:30
Just wondering how many of you dislike Keira or like her and why.

At first when I watched CotBP I hated hated HATED Keira Knightley because of Elizabeth Swann.. for some reason I thought the character and actress were one and the same. It took me a while to realize they weren't and Keira is a pretty cool person and a really good actress. So now I adore her and even have a fan site to her. Though I continue to be Anti-Elizabeth and will be forever.

Drawing (Fall Girl)

Been a while...

Posted by morbidfantasy25 on 2008.03.25 at 19:16
Anyway, I was looking through pictures of At World's End last night and something annoyed me...

There are way too many promo pics of Liz and hardly any of Jack and Will!! Will, I can understand because apparently mostly everyone dislikes him (I love him though) but Jack? There were several compared to Elizabitch's fifty! Argh. I'm so annoyed all over again.

Posted by kireiseikon_1 on 2008.02.21 at 15:13
Sanctuary!!! There's actually a community here who despises Elizabeth Swann as much as I do!

I thank whoever created this and all of it's members. I don't even like Keira Knightly actually....but...eh.

Sorry for this random outburst. I am new here, and therefore not of lulz. But, this community is utterly amazing. Elizabeth Swann should have been eliminated.

cb4, nat4

The dawning of Lizzie hatred

Posted by crysta__bennet on 2008.02.19 at 12:53
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For me, I started to dislike Elizabeth Swann in the second movie. The minute she took that swig of rum from Jack while sitting on the stairs of the black pearl made me realize that she was a different person than she was in the original.
I soon came to find out that her changed character was a whore who was trying to seduce Jack,(and the writers tried to make it look like he was also trying to seduce her. Puh-lease, like Jack would be interested in a woman like that!) And as soon as she started throwing rocks at James, Jack, and Will when they were fighting on Isla Cruces, I knew that she was a dithering idiot.

So, on that note fellow lizzie-haters, when was the moment you realized you were not a fan of Elizabeth Swann?

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